Frequently asked questions

1. Why do I need a valuation?

There are a variety of reasons why you may need a registered valuation.  Most commonly, it is because you are applying for finance to purchase a property.  A registered valuer provides a considered and objective view of what the property would sell for at a set time and the security it provides to the lender.  We also provide a wide range of other valuation services such as insurance and rental valuations; please see our services section for full details.


2. Why can’t I just get a real estate agent to tell me how much my home is worth?

Real estate agents can provide a market appraisal of your property but only a Registered Valuer is qualified and licensed to prepare a valuation report that is recognised and relied upon by banks, lending institutions and the courts.


3. How long does it take to get a valuation?

A number of steps are involved in completing a valuation of your property. You can refer to our section on the valuation process for further information on how we go about assessing the value of a property.

Generally the process can be completed within a few days. As always, we are happy to discuss your individual requirements. If you have an urgent request we will do our best to meet your timeframe.


4. Can you help with a “Total Replacement Cost” or “Sum Insured” valuation?

Yes. Valuation Partners are qualified and experienced in preparing insurance valuations on residential and commercial/industrial properties.

The Canterbury earthquakes showed us all how important adequate insurance cover is. We recommend having your property reassessed following any major works or renovations as well as every two years to allow for fluctuations in building costs and processes.


5. How much does a valuation cost?

As every property is different, we suggest getting in touch to discuss your requirements and to get an accurate quote for your particular property.  We will always provide an estimate or quote, prior to starting any valuation, and we work at keeping costs to a minimum for clients.


6. Do you value commercial property?

Valuation Partners provides valuation services for all manner of property classes including commercial and industrial properties.


7. Can you tell me how much rent I should be paying?

Yes, our valuers have extensive experience in providing tenants and landlords with market based rental valuations.  This can be helpful when negotiation lease renewals or new lease agreements.


8. Can you tell me how much rent I should be charging?

Our valuers have extensive experience in providing landlords with market based rental valuations for both residential and commercial properties, ensuring that you investment returns are optimized.


9. Can you assist with the division of property if I am separating from my partner?

Yes, we can provide current market valuations for matrimonial property and understand that this can be a difficult time that requires an objective, third party view to assist with the settlement.


10. Are you on the “Bank Panel”?

Valuation Partners is an approved valuation company for both Core Logic and Valocity bank ordering systems and we are approved to work for all banks and lending institutions on most property types.


11. Why Valuation Partners?


1. We are about people not just bricks and mortar

Our focus is on the people not just the property we are valuing and this means that:

We talk our clients through the valuation process so the client is clear on what is going to happen and when.

We maintain communication throughout the process – no “black holes”.

We will take the time to answer any questions that a client may have before, during or after the valuation.

It is a high priority that every client has a great customer experience when they use Valuation Partners.

We will look after clients that are referred to us, to the same high standard – we know that when you refer someone to us, that your reputation is on the line too.


2. We are about partnerships not just profit

We are looking to build long term relationships with clients and business partners, not just making profit, and this means that:

Our business model is focused on providing services that are of the highest quality and fairly priced.

We partner with key suppliers of business services to ensure that Valuation Partners is run with the highest level of support, but in cost effective way.

Our valuers are remunerated at levels well above the industry standard and they are expected to provide a level of customer service that is also well above the industry standard.

We look to partner with companies that have a similar business philosophy to ourselves and look to create co-operative and mutually beneficial relationships.

We look for quality business partners over quantity.

We want to be able to refer our clients to our partner companies that will provide a similar, high quality of service and experience.