Valuation Partners provides all manner of valuation services in the residential sector, from assessing the market value before a purchase, through to determining the value renovations may add to a property.

The residential property market is an ever changing landscape and we pride ourselves on being up to date on both current sale prices but also the wider, longer term performance of this property type. We also specialise in valuing energy efficient homes, built from high quality materials and using the latest technology in ventilation systems.

Importantly, Valuation Partners is approved to complete work for all banks and lending institutions.

We value properties throughout Canterbury, Queenstown Lakes and Central Otago for a number of purposes including;

  • Current Market Valuation
  • Desktop assessment
  • Mortgage
  • Refinance
  • Pre-purchase
  • Insurance
  • Compensation
  • Matrimonial
  • Subdivision
  • Estate planning
  • Transfer to trust
  • Litigation
  • As is where is

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Our Valuation Process

Our valuation process has been developed and optimized so that valuers can take the time to build productive relationships, and our partners and clients receive valuation advice of the highest standard, at a fair cost.