As a boutique, local valuation firm, Valuation Partners specialises in the small to medium sized commercial property market with current market valuations and rental assessments.

We provide pre purchase valuations for the family business, through to refinancing your investment properties.

We cover all manner of commercial properties including small retail shops and offices as well as warehouses and other industrial uses – Valuation Partners is the perfect choice when structuring your business or investments or negotiating lease agreements.

We have experience in specialised commercial properties such as childcare centres and medical / dental practises.

  • Current Market Valuation
  • Current Rental Assessments – Tenants and Landlords
  • Finance
  • Pre-purchase
  • Insurance
  • Compensation
  • Matrimonial
  • Unit Titles
  • Transfer to trust
  • Litigation

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Our Valuation Process

Our valuation process has been developed and optimized so that valuers can take the time to build productive relationships, and our partners and clients receive valuation advice of the highest standard, at a fair cost.